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April 11, 2007 at 3:22 am 2 komentar

A hopeful vision…

Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullahiwabarakatuh.

This is just my self reflections, but perhaps this is our self reflections too that tobe pondered together

Islam is ‘Rahmatan lil ‘aalamiin’
Islam is ‘fitrah’ for the human being
Islam was desended by The Allmighty “Rabbal ‘aalamiin”
That was delegated To the honorable prophet Muhammad Shalallahu ‘alaihi wasallam To guides peoples to the right path
Islam is a ferfect systems

Al-Qur’an is saying of Allah Subhanawata’ala that was revelated to the ‘ummiy’ prophet
Al-Qur’an is our complete ‘manual book’ to wade accross this transitory lifes
There it’s no be wary for the faithful peoples

Within Islam we already brothers, which unlimited by the culture
Within Islam we can accross all of the nations, cultures, ras’,languages and skins
Within Islam we make loves, peace and carefull each others
Within Islam truly, we are united
Within Islam actually we are strong and powerfull
Within Islam Allah will always bestow us compassion and love
Within Islam Allah has gift us as ‘Khairu ummah’

Today, Islam are suffer…
Today, Islam are burried…in everywhere…even in moslem countries…
Today Islam urgently need strugglers…the really struggler…
To revert the glorious & sublimes of the ISLAM
To revert the glorious of ‘Khilafah’

Forget all differences between us for temporary…
Forget all of our ‘mazhab’ and ‘manhaj’for temporary
Because Islam will be constant reach glory with its self name
Because we are muslims…

Why there are so much conflictations between us…?
Why should we fight with our self brothers…?
Why should we please tobe squealed by our enemies…?
Why should we let our enemies colonize our ‘aqidah’…in every sector?
Maybe our enemies have been laughing us in his/her day by day…
Why should it happen to us…?
Don’t you realize…oh ye who believe…?

We have Allmighty Allah Subhanawata’ala as our powerful helper
We have Rasulullah as a perfectful prophet as our perfect figure and nurturer
We have Al-Qur’an as a perfect ‘manual book’ for our best guide
We have ‘Syahadah’ as tenacious promise for our strong foundation
We have been promised the eternal glory and eternal enjoyment in ‘jannah’…our
last restful place
We have powerfull power if we united…TRULY..if we UNITED.

Truly, if we unite, there is no more contemptibles…
Truly, if we unite, there is no more burrieds…
Truly, if we unite, there is no more colonializes…
Truly, if we unite, ISLAM will reach glory soon….

Allah is our destiny
Rasulullah is our best figure
Al-Qur’an is our best guide
‘Jihad’ is our way of life
‘Mukminin’ is our brothers

Wasallamu’alaikum warahmatullahiwabarakatuh.


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  • 1. ahmad irfan  |  Mei 25, 2007 pukul 12:58 am

    so nice I think akhi……
    any time wa have to remind who we are ?….
    and thanks so much ….coz you had give me one suggestion
    may Allah bless you…sorry….. my English not so good !

  • 2. ryan  |  Mei 31, 2007 pukul 9:15 am

    what a Nice poem!!!!!
    Nice poem I ever had,,,,,,,!!!!


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